Yokkaichi-shi disaster prevention information

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About refuge action

About action at the time of ballistic missile fall (Cabinet Secretariat nation protection portal site)

Siren pattern of emergency broadcast system (fixed system)

 Siren pattern

Disaster prevention awareness questionnaire result (summary)

About information of bear

We come to be able to use bridge north interchange hall as refuge, tsunami refuge building designated than January 31.

Information (Tsu Local Meteorological Observatory homepage) about snow

Information (three folds of Chubu District maintenance station river national highway office homepages) about snow

○We revised flood control plan.

○We concluded "agreement about inflection such as concrete pump cars at the time of disaster" "agreement about offer of disaster support facility".

○"Agreement about beauty activity at the time of disaster" concluded "agreement about cooperation such as offers of tatami mat at the time of disaster".

○We concluded "agreement about setting support such as electric appliance equipments for refuge at the time of disaster" with Mie Electric trade association Yokkaichi Branch.

○We made guide of refuge administration that adopted gender-equal viewpoint. (February, 2016)

 Guide of refuge administration that adopted gender-equal viewpoint

We may go ahead for earthquake, storm and flood damage! Domestic storage!

○We made family disaster prevention notebook. (August, 2015)

 Family disaster prevention notebook (adult version)

 Family disaster prevention notebook (child version)

○Judgment, transmission manuals (H29.3 revision) such as Yokkaichi-shi evacuation advisories

○We made tsunami refuge map. (March, 2015 making)

  Tsunami refuge map (the surface)

  Tsunami refuge map (the back side)

About tsunami refuge map contents correction


We performed review, the conclusion of prevention of Yokkaichi-shi disaster agreement

About inspection report of typhoon 11


The construction of refuge in case of typhoon 11 and local action situation questionnaire result

  Disasters such as torrential rain increase nationwide.
  Let's confirm life about refuge action to keep once again at home.
  ※As it becomes Portable Document Format, we will make prints.


In March, 2014, seismic intensity distribution and liquefaction degree of risk distribution caused by Nankai Trough earthquakes, aspects of inundation area caused by tsunami and damage assumptions of human material damage, lifeline caused by earthquake, tsunami were announced as follows by Mie.

  ○Mie earthquake damage assumption findings
  ○Seismic intensity prediction distribution map
  ○Liquefaction degree of risk prediction distribution map

We push forward designation of "tsunami refuge building".

 By the Great East Japan Earthquake, holy life of many people was lost by big tsunami. When southeast sea, Nankai earthquake took place Tokai in Yokkaichi-shi, tsunami may flock. Tokai, southeast sea, Nankai earthquake is generated periodically and will take place by all means in the near future. There is evacuating "less highly" "less distantly" "less early" to follow command from tsunami. However, firm, high "tsunami refuge building" nearby is necessary so that person who can never evacuate far evacuates to place safe even a little.

 In Yokkaichi-shi, we will pressure to work on agreement for tsunami refuge building designation for possession (management) people such as public facilities or not only school facility but also private commercial facilities or apartment for Tokai, southeast sea, Nankai earthquake targeting at strong buildings more than 3 stories in 4km and less than 5m above sea level from shoreline.

 For refuge at the time of tsunami cooperation!

 The tsunami refuge building designation situation

We appointed tsunami refuge building first.

 Mie Bank and Yokkaichi-shi fixed "agreement about use as act of necessity place at the time of tsunami occurrence" on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 and appointed Mie Bank principal office Building (Nishishinchi) as the tsunami refuge building first of Yokkaichi-shi. In addition, we appointed three Izumi Shoji Saiwaicho buildings (Saiwaicho) and 14 public buildings on the same day in tsunami refuge building.                            

Agreement looks the conclusion-type. The mayor and President of Mie BankState that set up reputation of tsunami refuge building
 Yokkaichi-shi tsunami refuge building guidelines


July, 2013

We updated information about earth and sand disaster.
April, 2013 We revised crisis control guideline

March, 2013

Supporting system when we installed earthquake-resistant shelter was founded.

As for the earthquake-resistant shelter setting business subsidy grant summary, please see this

Free earthquake-resistant diagnosis application   

From 2006 About reduction measures for house with house earthquake proofing repair


We link to site of WeatherNews company

Mie earth and sand disaster reporting system
Safety measures collection of links to earth and sand disaster
About correspondence to the Great East Japan Earthquake (occasional update)


Blackout information


Inquiry to crisis control room
Telephone: 059-354-8119 /FAX: 059-350-3022
E-mail: kikikanri@city.yokkaichi.mie.jp